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More than just a Moment

There is no bigger honor than becoming a University of Florida Gator! UF students have countless opportunities to challenge themselves both academically and socially while engaging in a community of higher learning. In order to assist students with their transition, the University of Florida selects approximately 35 – 45 current students to serve as the official University of Florida Orientation Leaders, better known as Preview Staffers. Through a whole semester of training, these students become experts in academic advising, student involvement, and community expectations. They take on the responsibility of representing the University of Florida and starting the tradition for over 7,000 new students and 10,000 family members.

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Apply to Become a Preview Staffer

Selection to the Preview Staff is both a unique honor and rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth. Staff members fulfill the mission of New Student & Family Programs and the Division of Student Affairs through their strong commitment to assisting new students and families in their transition to the University of Florida. Since 1974, Preview Staff members have served as peer advisors, resources, and role models for Preview participants. Through all training opportunities, the Preview Staff is responsible for a specific body of knowledge about the university and must be sincerely interested and skillful in sharing this knowledge with orientation participants. Hundreds of qualified students apply each year and we hope that you take on this challenge.

Selection Process

Please click the topics below to find out more information about each part of the 2022 Preview Staff Selection Process.

The Preview Staff position involves a competitive selection process that begins with an application. The first step in the selection process consists of an online application. The application is comprised of four parts:

– Basic Profile (individual characteristics, academic interests, past work experience, etc.)
– Short answer questions (no more than 3 pages total)
– Reading and understanding of the terms and conditions
– One reference form (if you have been at UF for more than one year then you are required to have this completed by a UF faculty or staff member)

2022 Application Due:

Dress Code: Casual Attire

In Round One you will be placed into a small group setting. The purpose of this interview is to see how you work in a team environment and the dynamics you provide to a group. It will consist of various tasks and activities to evaluate your communication skills, work ethic, team management, responsibility, and personal attitude. You will be observed by the selection committee as these tasks are taking place. Please come on time and prepared for some problem-solving activities.

2022Selection Cycle Date:

You will then receive an email notifying you if you have been invited to the next interview round.

Pending Invitation

Dress Code: Business Casual

In Round 2, we will pair you up with a faculty or professional staff member who has participated with Preview as well as with a past Preview Staffer. Topics that will be explored include:

  • Involvement passions
  • Why you want to join the Preview Staff
  • Understanding of the University’s current status
  • Position on inclusive excellence
  • …and more about you in general!

2022 Selection Cycle Dates:
Times will vary.

Once all Round 2 interviews have been completed, you will receive an email notifying you on whether or not you have been invited to the final interview round.

Pending Invitation

Dress Code: Business Casual

The final interview round will take place with the professional staff members from the office of New Student and Family Programs. In this interview, you will be asked to respond to mock scenarios, answer questions about your professional standing, provide insight into your understanding of the University’s current status, as well as go into further detail about your desire to become a Preview Staffer.

2022 Selection Cycle Dates:
Times will vary.

After all Round 3 interviews have been completed you will be sent an email concerning your status as a preview staff applicant.

Pending Invitation

Candidates who move forward from the individual interview will join the Preview Staff Leadership Course during the spring semester. This course is designed to promote leadership skills and university knowledge. Students will learn about communication, personal strengths, team dynamics, student transition issues, academic support and issues of diversity. Each student must complete all course requirements and receive the minimum passing grade to be extended a full offer of employment as a member of the Preview Staff.

Preview Staff

A UF tradition since 1974

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