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Supporting Gators Together

The University of Florida is excited to welcome the parents & families of our newest Gators to its thriving community. Family transition experiences will help you successfully prepare for your student’s college transition. While Family Preview is optional, all family members of UF students are encouraged to participate in Preview.

Family Preview is a highly encouraged, robust program focused on providing parents and family members of their students with core resources to start their Gator journey.

Family Preview

Family Preview will consist of a two-day experience for first-year students or a one-day experience for Transfer students. During their session, parent and family members will have the opportunity to attend helpful presentations, participate in UF traditions, and learn ways to support your incoming Gator. Participants have the opportunity to learn from University of Florida professionals who are equipped to answer specialized questions regarding topics such as housing, dining, academic advising, and more. The goal of Family Preview is to provide family members with abbreviated information relevant to their student’s UF experience. Family Preview introduces family members to services that will support their student’s educational and personal goals.

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Supplemental Information

Families play an important role in the lives of students. We know when families are empowered, engaged and in the know, our students will have higher rates of academic success and a greater connection to their Gator Student Experience. Which is why our Family Preview program is supplemented by Gator Parent & Family Association connection opportunities. Please click the links below to learn more about ways you can stay connected.


Chomp Chats

Interactive Podcast series designed for conversations to enhance the Gator Family Experience.
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Family Blog

A platform to give families an opportunity to share stories and experiences.
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Monthly newsletter for parents and families to stay in the loop with all of campus happenings.
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Facebook Groups

Grad Year based forums to answer questions, give tips, highlight news, and encourage others.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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