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Orientation Leaders, or Preview Staffers, are undergraduate students who are selected through a competitive interview process to serve as role models for incoming Gators. They trained to be experts in academic advising, student engagement, and community expectations. They take on the responsibility of representing the University of Florida and starting the tradition for over 7,000 new students and nearly 10,000 family members. The 2020 Preview Staff assists UF’s class of 2024 successfully acclimate to university life.

Caroline Abramovici '21
Teegan Bailey '23
Kate Balthaser
Kate Balthaser '22
Houston Barenholtz
Houston Barenholtz '22
Adam Blahnik
Adam Blahnik '23
Huy Bui
Huy Bui '23
Mar Calvet
Mar Calvet '22
Keegan Carr
Keegan Carr '22
Anthony Chung
Anthony Chung '23
Lauren Cieutat
Lauren Cieutat '21
Alex Coffey
Alex Coffey '22
Spyros Cosvogiannis
Spyros Cosvogiannis '22
Nadia Crocker
Nadia Crocker '22
Hailey DeRigo
Hailey DeRigo '21
Pat Dinmore
Pat Dinmore '22
Daisy Facio-Aguiniga
Daisy Facio-Aguiniga '23
Nina Franklin
Nina Franklin '22
Taeja Garrick
Taeja Garrick '23
Elizabeth Hargett
Elizabeth Hargett '21
Alexis Irvin
Alexis Irvin '23
Brooke Jackson
Brooke Jackson '21
Jerry Jerome
Jerry Jerome '23
Anusha Kante
Anusha Kante '21
Catherine Kim
Catherine Kim '23
Marzani Kirkland
Marzani Kirkland '23
Justin Landrove
Justin Landrove '23
Delaney Lloyd
Delaney Lloyd ' 23
Vidi Lopez-Lugo
Vidi Lopez-Lugo '23
Jon Machado
Jon Machado '22
Yalanda Nicolas
Yalanda Nicolas '23
William Ortiz
William Ortiz '23
Trevi Perez
Trevi Perez '23
Wallyah Pierre
Wallyah Pierre '23
Kat Polaski
Kat Polaski ' 23
Emilio Quiteno Medrano
Emilio Quiteno Medrano '23
Jasmeen Randhawa
Jasmeen Randhawa '22
Gabrielle Russo
Gabrielle Russo '23
Rebecca Schlafke
Rebecca Schlafke '22
Kendall Siemienas
Kendall Siemienas '23
Thomas Stempniak
Thomas Stempniak '22
Maren Thomas
Maren Thomas '22
Kaylie Tighe
Kaylie Tighe '21
Katie Usrey
Katie Usrey '23
Cristian Vasquez
Cristian Vasquez '23
Nidia Volmar
Nidia Volmar '23

Student Preview Coordinators

Niko Bronto
Niko Bronto '22
Kaitlynn Friscoe
Kaitlynn Friscoe '21
Sarah Liu
Sarah Liu '22
Kelsi Snow
Kelsi Snow '21

NODA Interns

Alia Banks
Alia Banks
Old Dominion University
Hamilton Wasnick
Hamilton Wasnick
University of South Carolina