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Preview Staff 2019

Orientation Leaders, or Preview Staffers, are undergraduate students who are selected through a competitive interview process to serve as role models for incoming Gators. They trained to be experts in academic advising, student involvement, and community expectations. They take on the responsibility of representing the University of Florida and starting the tradition for over 7,000 new students and nearly 10,000 family members. The 2019 Preview Staff assists UF’s class of 2023 successfully acclimate to university life.

Meghan Beadle
Sabrina Belizaire
Leilla Belony
Corey Brandies
Niko Bronto
Zion Brown
Noah Denker
Valentina Dunder
Samson Eagen
Brandon Fallin
Kaitlynn Friscoe
Fennzia Guerrier
Julie Huber
David Joseph
Euclid Joseph
Katelynn Joyner
Anna Kayser
Bolika Kol
Kyleigh Lacsamana
Kevin Li
Sarah Liu
Seth Longland
Perline Mathurin
Taeya Mayes
Sam Meunier
Samantha Micallef
Alyson Moriarty
Yssaina Nelson
Christina Nguyen
Chelsea Petruzzi
Jason Puthusseril
Amanda Rodriguez
Matt Sandoval
Kelsi Snow
Luke Snyder
Maggie Spillane
Rhi Suarez
Olivia Thalassinos
Natalia Thornton
Eileen Torquemada
Grace Tyler
Kiora Whittle
Trevor Wilson

Student Preview Coordinators

Esther Kim
Nico Mora
Sean Robinson
Janelle Rolle