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Preview Staff 2018

Orientation Leaders, or Preview Staffers, are undergraduate students who are selected through a competitive interview process to serve as role models for incoming Gators. They trained to be experts in academic advising, student involvement, and community expectations. They take on the responsibility of representing the University of Florida and starting the tradition for over 7,000 new students and nearly 10,000 family members. The 2018 Preview Staff assists UF’s class of 2022 successfully acclimate to university life.

Nate Athouriste
Hannah Beatty
Noldy Belizaire
Genae Brown
Sawyer Carlton
Allison Chu
Kent Coburn
Jack Coon
Regan Dabbs
Kaitlyn Day
Krystina Derby
Gaby Eseverri
Danie Etienne
Luis Fernandez
Alia French
Ellory Fuqua
Megan Gearhart
Stephen Greep
LeeAnn Hewitt
Esther Kim
Madison Lange
Livia Ledbetter
Ilaisah Martinez
Beau Mesadieu
Rosie Mick
Nico Mora
Abby O’Connell
Logan Peavler
Brian Phillips
Ricardo Queen-Bourrows
Adam Rachlin
Candace Ramcharitar
Rachel Ramm
Jack Ray
Derek Ro
Sean Robinson
Janelle Rolle
Megan Schmidt
Evan Setley
Lauren Stookey
Anthony Temeliescu
Matt Toplak
Rachel Wisolmerski
Amy Xie

Student Preview Coordinators

Hunter Altman

Hunter Altman
Ernestine Celestial

Ernestine Celestial
Daniel Fierro

Daniel Fierro

Paige Santiago

Paige Santiago
Kristina Tedesco

Kristina Tedesco
Sean Zawodny